Claudia blends a wealth of leadership development, business strategy, operations and transformation experience with new thoughts and methods on flourishing in volatile times.  Called "The Voice of Sanity", she has built a track record of transforming struggling into thriving businesses. Initially, Co-owner and Manager of a manufacturing family-business which had to be reinvented, previously Chief Operating Officer of a researching & manufacturing holding which had to be re-formed, she has helped transform a wide range of organizations internationally.

She is an engineer and natural scientist, manager and coach, practitioner and adviser, educator and student, applying twenty-five years business experience to our work at personal and organizational levels. She draws on rich experiences that evolved through ongoing and often dramatic external changes.

She co-founded Chief Operations™, regularly guest lectures at Universities for Applied Sciences, hosts leadership and management workshops for experts, develops management educational programs for engineers and natural scientists, authors on management literacies outside of the academic realm, and provides interim management services applying situational leadership at a global level. Her previous program 'Management for Engineers" has received much praise both sides, industry and university.

Chief Operations™ has built a strong reputation of increasing the long-term success rate of late-stage start-ups (5+ years) in engineering and natural sciences where developers need to bring home things which they suppose might exist.

Industries until now :
a range of sectors across life science industry • academy / university (applied sciences) • social media (rare diseases) • food & beverage industry • non-profit-organization • education & teaching • agriculture & forestry • business services • manufacturing • metal industry • public sector • publishing

In 2017, we released the best version of Chief Operations™ yet - an all-new and reimagined trail. We are on the mission to spread meaningful content wide and far.

Try our frequent updates, and see for yourself.

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