We will not offer a money back guarantee. Instead, our target is to maintain a 99% » delight standard.


Our clients are highly demanding, set very high standards and constantly drive us to improve our performance, irrespective of where they are located. Therefore, and because we do not have the people to do it, we do not apply for accreditations. In our case, final deliverables are very customized, and fast compared with how long it takes to obtain an accreditation. It would not help us in any way and we could not enforce it either.

Our development would outpace before we even receive it.

Therefore, we strive for a continued quality improvement and our programs will be as good as our last projects and our collaboration. Hence, if you signed up once, you have all the time you need to grow with it and anything that will be added in the course of the time.

Exceptions are those parts that are embedded into a University curriculum

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