Generalist Ambassador

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Are you

  • unusually independent of mind,
  • oriented towards achieving practical results,
  • competent in several different fields or activities, and
  • free from the constraints of authority, convention, or sentiment for its own sake ?

Do you possess that rare gift for seizing opportunities which others might not even notice - and are you willing to invest time in enhancing your abilities as well as marketing them ?

Then come join our Network of Generalists where we are 100% remote and everyone contributes from wherever they feel most productive !

About Us

We believe that Generalist’ approaches are of utmost importance if we are serious about developing a future that we can be proud of. Our goal is to get Generalists voices heard, full of surprising and insightful perspectives.

For the past couple of years, we’ve 'secretly and quietly' built a Network of Generalists who help people staying connected with themselves and the world, its professional values and ethics.

However, while we anyway want to return something of what we’ve learned, it takes an entire team committed to something bigger than themselves to make that kind of impact. Regardless of the nationality, age or gender - this makes a tangible, constructive influence on the economy and society possible, which changes lifes in the best sense.

If you have a natural talent for sense making, like to move deliberately and have a bias for strategic actions, you’ll fit right into our fast-scaling environment.

The Opportunity

We are seeking high caliber Volunteers who want to push their complex ideas to the next level, while our support group is helping them to keep their publications extraordinarily high-quality.

Basic Requirements

  • You live in more than one world.
  • You’ve a natural need to write, to think things through.[1]
  • You spot trends early on and perceive a spectrum of possibilities.
  • You’re curious, responsive, connective, and like to provide practical advice.
  • You are able to master multiple disciplines and to connect them in meaningful ways.
  • You want to give space to your generalist inclination and you love to help shape our future world.

We are (at present) 100% a virtual team, so you can work from wherever you are.
At the same time, we are creating a physical 'home' for all the ideas, which in the future will enable very real encounters in an unusual quality ...

If you are interested to get your complex ideas being heard » Get in touch.

Professionals of all ages and industries read us every month for inspirations on self-development and strategic operations.

PS :
Please note that this is NOT a 'job' advert !
We are NOT looking for highly specialized Experts focusing on very particular skills.
It is the particular way of thinking we are looking for, regardless of the industry.
Despite the fact that we have a tendency to serve readers in Science & Technology, first.


[1]  some guidance will be provided

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