How we do, what we do.

We decided to act like a ship's pilot on the client's 'side' bearing in mind the myriad of things to be fostered at a transition.

We share our observations of what really makes a difference between success and failure from the moment a new destiny is at the horizon until the boat safely reaches its harbor, influencing our client's senior leadership team when they are about to set out on a voyage.

The objective is clear

To be among those companies that can claim, when all is over, that their decisions were the right ones, that those were executed brilliantly, and that by doing so they have generated great value.

We assist our clients creating capabilities and operating business models of a trendsetting kind - robustly profitable and uniquely human, genuinely helpful and vastly productive.

  • We work on solutions to widespread problems of employee disengagement, meaningless work, and outdated operating models, and translate them into personal, personnel and organization development.
  • We do whatever it takes you to satisfy your customers and to deliver on your promises.
  • We assemble work packages delivering significant personnel and organizational benefits long after we will have gone.

Whatever the outer circumstances, we will explore the inner pattern-forms from as many angles as we can perceive and use real-world materials to operationalize them.

…if your company is growing into an operational nightmarish hole and funding its impact - you might want to get a “security blanket” for you and your executives.

…if you love new ideas, new clients, new orders more then operational management, robbing you of energy - you might want to look out for a tip of your spear to move towards delivery on promise.

…if operations reduces your excitement because there is less of that high-risk, high-reward, high-adrenalin feel and you still need to justify your daily operations - you might want to search for capacities to keep your initiatives moving through.

If you work with us, we go on an expedition of unexplored challenges, chances and possibilities.

The Mission :
develop and define specific goals.

The Map :
develop strategies to chart the course to your destination.

The Ship :
material, human and all other resources that will take your to your new goal.

The Route :
understanding and monitoring the competition, obstacles and opportunities along the way. Course correction as needed.

The Crew :
assess the resources and seek creative methods of developing their skills, knowledge and potential.

The Destination :
successful implementation of defined strategies to complete the original mission.

We figure out how to cut your anchors loose and run for purpose full steam ahead.

Chief Operations™ takes on engagements when we are confident that we can help, and that our clients are ready for our » approach. Find out how we work.

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PS :

If you run a start-up and think about an early collaboration, this isn’t the right time yet. However, watch out for the signals mentioned » before – because then you will sense early on if our time might come.

Keep always in mind that you may have only one big chance before you’re running out of business – so you may want to keep learning from what we are frequently sharing. It’s free of charge and gets into your inbox directly.

We try our best to keep it beneficial for you and the more we interact, the more we can customize the content. Promised.

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