How we think. What we do.

Any attempt to combine changes in business with a too-skinny operational model leads sooner or later to a point where there is too much work to do with neither enough resources nor a structure available to do it well.

We feel it important to share our insights with any executive who is about to lead the progress and any manager who will be expected to play a role in its positive outcome.

Together we will find the things that aren’t good – and make them good.

We attend mid-sized organizations at the intersection of science, technology and business at times of transition, crisis or change to seize opportunities and improve upon anything that relates to their manufacturing or service operations.

To explore whether or not our services are purposeful for you,

A Couple of Questions to start with :

  • Is your company as big as you want it to be ?
  • Is your organization as great as you want it to be ?
  • Is your business as reliable as it is supposed to be in order to survive and to thrive ?

If the answer “Yes”, then you have probably successfully managed an operational hell reflected by a shipping delay, an out-of-stock situation, a system’s crash, a compliance issue, a recall, a lawsuit, a factory shut-down or others - and you can stop reading here.

If the answer is "No" - does any of those warning signals for struggling operations sound familiar to you ?

  • Customers disappear from screen without even complaining anymore.
  • Employees leave without giving notice.
  • Vendors stop delivery.

If your answer is “Yes” – then you may just have observed that your operations falter and you now wonder whether or not you have the operational competence at hand you need.

What may come across very scary at 1st glance can certainly be overcome.

We offer alternate operations models and support you walking your way in a more natural, more alive, more creative and more scalable way.

While the majority of Scientists & Technologists -we got to know- are excellent developers with amazing ideas who have the mojo to create something great, new and exciting, they get bored to death by operational duties.

Unfortunately – they also often under-deliver due to increasing operational problems as the business moves on. Finally, they get trapped in lots of urgent daily activities while time and money are running through their fingers.

Our work is aimed to anyone who does not have any resources to waste.

In order to push developers’ fantastic ideas through, and based on a comparable background as theirs on » our side, but life-long experiences and focused learnings in business operations, we became

Thinker & Doer To Your Success

providing future-engineering since 1989.

We love operations, heart and soul, and help you grow with a plan.

  • Do you live in fear of yet another operational disaster ?
  • Are you already serious about investing in future operations ?

We attend our clients enhancing meaningful products and services with a longer shelflife, tackling the 'wicked problems'​, interweaving the ideas and concepts of individuals, functions, sites, or countries into a solid fabric so they understand the power only they possess and how to harness it for the company’s they lead.

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Sounds like a crazy talk so far ?

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We work with a handful of clients a year so we can ensure their progression and maintain a 99 % delight standard.

We like to think that the » creativity  in our approaches, the » dedication  we display and the value we deliver encourage our clients to continually engage and recommend us.

» How we do, what we do.