Our Customers Approach

We lean in once we are confident that we can help, and that our clients are ready for changes that we introduce.

First we will have a conversation, either by phone or in person. From the moment we talk, we consider everything confidential.

We will do a lot of listening to your current situation and your future needs. As we talk, we may either

a) realize that you need a different kind of assistance, or

b) identify a 1st approach that might be able to help.

Second we will think about our proposal of how to achieve your targets, and then have another call to discuss this further. We will not charge for discussions prior to a written agreement.

Third when we have met you to understand and review the brief, then we’ll discuss the fee which will depend on function, seniority, role complexity and location. When we are aligned, a short engagement letter will be created to point everything up. You will have the option of calling some previous clients as references. Most of them happily share their experiences with a fellow business leader.

Fourth we usually work on a project basis or a monthly retainer. The kind of work we do requires teamwork, and it is best to start small. Sometimes our cooperation is completed with a small project. Sometimes, a larger scope of work is identified and begun after the first project. Sometimes, one or both parties may choose not to continue working together.

We work in such a way as to avoid surprises. You should know what we are going to do and when, and what it will cost, and we appreciate the same.

If you think we might be able to help, we invite you to » contact us and initiate the conversation.