Prioritization OR How to paint the horizon clear …

Like the right to-do-list can help you make progress, a Biz Journal can do the same for you, at a personal and as well as at a company’s level.

A Biz Journal gives all your ideas an outlet, it helps you sift through everything bouncing around inside you and it can help you keep track of your priorities.

In order to use the journal for productivity (rather than for short-term accomplishments), here are a few tips that can help you always keeping the biggest goals in mind, the one that seem almost impossible to achieve :

  • Put your biggest ambitions, the stretched goals always on the top of your journal (or on top of your page if you use paper instead)
  • Underneath, write out your plan. Break your big ambitions down into small components*.
  • Once one of those components is accomplished, you will be ready to start on the next task which is in service of your big goal (instead of wasting your time elsewhere).

That way you feel the progress you make, you are reminded of your big goals AND you are able to shift gears fast enough.

If you work together with others towards the same goal, let them participate and contribute to it. Schedule a Jour Fix. 1,5 hours a week suffice as long as everyone comes individually prepared. That way it is much more likely to get the right things on the right focus done.

PS :
* How to break your big ambitions down into small components ? I will show you soon.

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