Strategic Facilitation

The Question

You are a Founder or Co-Founder of an organization activ in the area of science & technology and sometimes you have ideas but don’t know who to openly share or discuss them with.

  • So how are you coping with this?
  • What are you doing if you feel isolated, overwhelmed with opportunity and even stuck at times?
  • How can you raise your concerns and issue your ideas within a safe environment?

The Matter

You know that professional expectations can make you hesitant to voice doubts or concerns about your industry, or to brainstorm freely with professionals at a similar level while

  • protecting intellectual property
  • avoiding giving away your secrets and competitive edge

The Idea

Imagine for a moment you are standing at the hub of an energetic and interactive discussion, joined by your peers all working together to break down barriers your industry faces today, to combine strategic thinking, to make your business run more efficiently, with a more productive workforce.

Having access to this pool of knowledge and spirit of like-minded free-thinkers, you would have

  • dedicated time to resolve industry-wide issues
  • a forum in which to exchange similar interests, needs and experiences
  • a springboard for just such creative, collaborative thinking

Consider, just for a moment, the greater empowerment you would have.

The Concept

Strategic Facilitation removes the pressure, encourages creative solutions and new perspectives on familiar problems.

In a small group of up to 8 peers of Founders & Co-Founders of organizations in Science & Technology the most exciting aspects of human interaction are combined, the

  • creative nuances
  • engaging personalities
  • confidence of team belief

What to Expect

These are NO networking groups, instead, these Groups drive results and accountability in a way no other peer group can.

We provide a unique environment & access to insights and best practices of Leaders like you. Each group of Founders & Co-Founders is chosen for their

  • complementary skills
  • businesses
  • personalities

Directed by a strategic facilitator, Groups meet regularly in a highly structured environment that focuses on

  • individual preparedness
  • an agenda comprised solely of strategic challenges
  • a methodology that enables efficient, pointed insight

Here’s how it works

Once per month, your Group meets to discuss what each of you is working on, what you want to accomplish over the coming months and what you need in order to get there. Everyone is in the moment and you need to be. There are no distractions and people are well-prepared for the meetings.

The Group then shares their experience, best practices and networks in order to help you accomplish your goals.

How to join

Each Collective has its own unique characteristics, and your placement into one of them is something we take very seriously. Through a rigorous screening process, we assess:

  • Your business - its track record, prospects, and key challenges
  • Your long-term goals and how you define progress
  • Your leadership style and the degree to which you have achieved “CEO leverage”
  • Your areas of expertise, and, correspondingly, your areas for development

With this knowledge in-hand do we recommend an existing Group, or seek to match several others from our waiting list to form a new Group.

Return of Investment

The return on investment is HUGE.

  • You receive the stimulation, insights and reinforcements to make big steps.
  • You learn business’ greatest lessons from Leaders with no ulterior motives.

Interested ?

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