The Challenge & Opportunity

Our society’s changes are unpredictable.
Our economic systems are failing us.
Our planet is in danger.

To create a better future, we need to understand the present.

We believe that increasing the steadiness and reactivity of enterprises in science & technology has the potential to dramatically increase economic stability everywhere in the world.

Yet firms bog down, with projects taking much longer than planned, teams getting more excited about anything else than delivering high performance, or confusion gripping the business at many levels.

We saw all sorts of statistics being thrown around on this topic and there are different numbers according to different research. Depends upon where you are and whom you are asking :

  • 46 % of business failures are due to incompetence
  • 30 % are due to unbalanced experience or lack of managerial experience
  • ...
  • 12 % because of a strong competition or crises
  • 1 % due to neglect, fraud, disaster

So if owners themselves do the initial and consecutive mistakes, and one confusion leads to another

  • Why do investors keep gambling with their money?
  • Why do companies spend months on creating strategies that remain on paper?
  • Why do businesses accept that projects don’t deliver?

Because an important message is ignored

We are in a swirl of possibilites where we only survive if we thrive :

  1. Individuals need to become critical thinker facing reality and applying sanity.
  2. Leaders need to be equipped with how to enable their organizations to appropriately adapt and respond to unprecedented times.
  3. Companies need to embrace a fundamental shift in how they lead and operate to thrive within an ever-changing context.

What can be done to meet that goal ?

Chief Operations™ is a response to this :

Having always been immersed in fast paced and exciting (even frantic) environment, we designed and led transformation of many kinds involving up to 11 countries. We managed those not as a consultant but on the client's 'side', influencing their senior leadership team when they are about to set out on a voyage.

Affording a lucid account of the structure and practical implications of alternate models that allow our clients to take their decisions that lead to the future they envision, our portfolio includes everything from developing and maturing individuals to changing the fortunes of a soon to be fantastic company, and use accumulating information to give our part of it a nudge in the right direction.

Take the opportunity and join us on a » journey into a land of rationality.