The Experiment - An Invitation

The business world is a creative, imaginative space and management has the potential to be among the noblest professions.

Lately we created a new intensive (blended learning) program for Engineers & Scientists that has been established and tested with practitioners at an internationally working University for Applied Sciences.

Elaborating on

How to use an individual's personal in-depth expertise to succeed as a Leader and Manager

it was found out that the most interesting topics for every participant concerned

  1. the development of an individual’s very own leadership model
  2. the process of how to strategically build organizations on the work of people

... irrespective of the age or industry.

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We invite (for now: German speaking)

Professionals in Engineering, Natural Sciences & Sciences

whose expert success has saddled them with managerial duties and who actually want to do a good managerial job, to become a


for our brand-new four-weeks-online-program, starting

Monday, 04th of June 2018

Registration Deadline : Friday, 25 May 2018

If you’d like to pre-register for the English version, drop us an » email and we’re happy to keep you informed about release of the English version 1st Q/2019.

This will be your one-time opportunity to

  • co-create curricula,
  • enrich and refine already existing content,
  • enter a fresh participative, emancipatory educational offering,
  • challenge that system and the wider systems you will be part of,
  • stretch our practice and efficacy in useful, relevant, and powerful ways,
  • and get unlimited access to an ever developing & improving system, contrary to this blitz of competing models, frameworks and blueprints.

We would love to hear from you, if you are an

Expert in Engineering, Natural Sciences or Sciences

and want to actually do a good managerial job too,

  • reach your full potential,
  • learn something you can really use,
  • develop in service of improved work,
  • think for yourself or take responsibility for yourself,
  • be proud of your work and appreciate being engaged,
  • thrive because you have some measure of control over your day,
  • ask the big (and the related small) questions of your and our work,
  • get in touch with that moments of true learning that are all around you,
  • lay a foundation which is a solid source for all business possibilities, and the development you seek to make.

What to expect ?

Adults learn by doing and their focus and energy to learn is mainly what will shift their way of being and working. As this opens vulnerable space of inquiry, we create an environment sufficiently safe for leaders to enter into this.

We need

  • proactive thinking,
  • challenges that provoke progress,
  • decent questions, suggestions, proposals, remarks, feedback,
  • (anticipated) 5-6 hours time expenditure per week - we'll show you how to integrate this into your schedule without disturbance

You get

  • what was developed and then successfully tested at a University for Applied Sciences (incl. tests, tools and templates suitable for practical use in professional life of an inventing occupational group)
  • unlimited access to the course and all of its future versions
  • project specific hands-on support (as applicable)
  • 2 personal calls (phone or Skype, 30 min each, related to whatever is important to you [read on for » more information)

Our first 4-weeks-online-course it intended as an experiment connecting to the learner's interests and experiences with digital personalization.
During the course you will receive a total of 3 questionnaires, which we ask you to answer as purposefully as possible.

Wondering whether this is the right format for you ?
Find out » here.

That said, we

  • combine internet and digital media with tailor education to meet the different needs
  • come with work blocks broken into short chapters, and you're supposed to do more than digest them
  • provide exercises, templates and tools that can be used, expanded or minimized – easy and always according to your needs

To ensure continuity, seats are limited (<15) to those who register for it.

Registration Deadline : Friday, 25 May 2018

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