Dear Reader,

Managers on each level routinely need to make decisions or delegate decisions in an instant after brief consultation and under high uncertainty which can be frightening for some. Since there is no cookbook for this, we want to help you developing your very own » adaptive toolbox as your basis for making decisions about persons, strategies and investments in a world that puts a premium on efficient use of time. We want to assist & inspire » You reach out to the sky.

  • If you face issues and questions for whose processing you do not know yet where to start, you have come to the right place.
  • If you have questions, for which you cannot find a best way of doing things yet - you have come to the right place.

Try our » frequent updates, and see for yourself.

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Who are You

You are a Manager whose company has reached problem solution fit and scale stage.

You are confronted with day-to-day issues that have never been your core-business, and want to find a new way of working - straight away.

Our Offer

We provide you with practicable how-to-approaches to either start off something new or to disentangle muddled stuff.

What you will find are structured, streamlined proposals that take questions, subjects, thoughts into account

  • with which we were faced
  • that we got exposed to
  • that shall serve you as a starting point for discussing the topics that are relevant for you
  • that can help you pull out in-house available  skills & knowledge you already pay for
  • that assist you find the solutions you need for your business

These lists are not exhaustive & based on our collective memory.

Your Part

We suggest you

  • use the ideas as your starting point
  • think through by yourself, first
  • expand them as you wish, and then

  • put one after the other subject on the table for discussion
  • moderate, ask, challenge, collate, think out loud
  • and see what happens...

You can do this remotely, you can do this in a meeting room, and you can even do this over the phone (which is -I admit- the more difficult approach simply for technical reason).

TIPS get the most out of it

  • share them before you meet and inform others about your target (2 working days are good)
  • involve those who you expect to contribute to it as well as the ultimate project holder
  • have someone who jots down the notes for you (as you may lack that time)
  • share protocol/minutes for review to be reverted back 2 working days from then

Your Main Duty

  • gather disparate pieces of information
  • process them as a group
  • evaluate options
  • and decide

You simply need to MAKE things happen and here are your » starting points ... after that decide, adjust, and hold accountable.

Your Benefits

Collectively you will almost always make better decisions than anyone could make on one’s own.

You will activate a lot of wisdom, insight, comments, remarks, hints, active contribution, and a goal-focused discussion that matters for each attendee (and the result). And the best of it : You will get involved also those who need time to reflect. Keep going! It pays off!

If you have questions that matter for you, you may not find a starting point for in our list, or have comments and recommendations that help us to improve the lists we provide continuously, please drop us an email and start talking with us. Thank you.

Happy Operations !

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