thoughts, experiences & opinions

I got to know C.D. as a "Creator" with "very strong communication skills. ...finding things that aren't that good and making them good."

Frank Strauch
Head of Manufacturing at Colep GmbH & Co KG
October 2017

"C.D. has the rare ability to focus on both the forest and the trees, understanding how each piece of an organization fits into the big picture and streamlining workflows to meet goals efficiently. She is committed and tenacious yet relaxed and empathic, identifying change management needs and troubleshooting with a cheerful team spirit. Her impeccable organizational and project-management skills have proven invaluable, and her judgment is, in my experience, beyond reproach. C.D. is a great talent and an asset to every organization fortunate enough to work with her."

Matthew McCarthy
Managing Director at CheckOrphan
August 2015

"When C.D. was working with us as a lecturer, she performed very well and did a great job. She provided practical tools, methods and skills for project management in the Clinical Development area, and was contributing stories and sharing perspectives from her own career. She enabled students to combine the practical with the theoretical and to develop an appreciation of the complexity of project management."

Regula Furegati
Program Manager Postgraduate Education at ETH Zuerich
April 2015

"I have had the pleasure to work with C.D. and can truly say that she is a committed leader, accelerating all aspects of a turnaround situation including sales, operational and employee relations. C.D. brings together large teams of people with diverse skills and experience and effortlessly allows those around her to shine while supporting individuals growth and maintaining focus on driving the business forward. C.D. is well liked by those she manages directly and indirectly and I would be very happy to work with C.D. again in the future."

Susan Stewart
Head of Global Costs & Proposals at Pierrel Research
May 2014

"Having worked together with C.D. I can categorically say that she is a skilled motivator, problem solver and facilitator in everything she puts her mind to. Flexible and dynamic, C.D. cuts through red tape and "gets the job done" with a minimum of fuss. On top of this, C.D. is perpetually friendly and approachable no matter the circumstances."

Matthew Mills
IT Operations Platform Manager at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
February 2014

"C.D. is a truly dedicated and skilled chief operations leader who has masterfully motivated her teams and driven positive change and company results. It has been my real pleasure to work side by side with her and tackle daily challenges. I know that her focus is on collaborative, fully-informed and effective approaches to delivering for our clients. She is indeed of that special breed that manages to smile in the face of difficulty and move forward towards success."

Temitope Keyes
Head Global Business Development, Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Pierrel Research
December 2013

"C.D. is an excellent motivator. She has the rare ability of making people give their best. I am honored to work with her because she creates a climate of trust and gives hope and perspective to the people she works with."

Cristina Igrisan
CEO at Pierrel Research
August 2013