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If you are like me, the following might sound familiar to you :

While I always see the obvious, from multiple angles, I sometimes cannot grasp the hidden stuff which is right in front of my eyes.

As soon as I perceive such incongruities, these mental “gaps” between perception and reality, I want to create something to fix that. Something ‘new’, something ‘different’, something that replaces outdated practices.

A lot of managers probably know the feeling that others “don’t get them”, and I can fully relate.

It is not always easy for me to portray obvious thoughts for other executives and employees in a comprehensible manner, and to present complex issues in a simplified manner. Sometimes I feel like I need to read a 100 books so that I have the perfect logical answer to debate the mess we seem to be in.

A serious obstacle to further development is a widespread rejection of seeing the bigger picture beyond the demands of the moment. Silo-mentality and fear-based thinking penetrate and gain upper hand. In the long run, however, this leads to slides, which one would not want to see and to which one not  got prepared.
This may concern e.g. important projects which don’t get implemented; "sudden" mass dismissals; closures of affiliates or whole enterprises, or even the overthrow of social forms and new migrations of people around the world – which also impact our working world.

In order to steer inevitable changes I had to learn to make my key observations visible, with a clear mind.

Here I am following a very simple path – the so called » Field Notes which I knew from my work with nature
(… which does not want to tell me everything either :-) ).

The Goal
is always to close the "gap", to discover the unknown and to develop reasonable conclusions for future decisions.

The Focus
is always on the pursuit of long-term goals, such as employee satisfaction, customer orientation or innovation, so that a company creates lasting results.

The Pattern remains the same :
General observations - > Focused Observations –> Selective Observations (-> Action)

The Result
is an "action plan" being written and further developed, which serves as a catalyst for obviously necessary reforms.

So instead of just communicating my goals “on a flat-rate basis”, implementing a system that is "marketed" but inappropriate with sheer will-power , I always use my own senses compiled in a very simple "dashboard", outlined hereinafter.

This I am underlying with my personal sense of understanding, and then, in collaboration with others changes will be made which are mainly working due to new applications.

This gives us a

1. birds-eye view of how we are doing, and
2. focusses on holistically bettering the company.

Expanding on that point, here is our

Plan of Action

Company’s Logo

Concept Design

Team Charter (date)

Leadership Team

Name          Function

Scope, i.e.

  • merge and subsequent reduction of uncoordinated work done in parallel in different areas - for a "general, resource-saving conflict solution"
  • fashioned compilation and utilization of potential product and service offerings for a business to be established over time
  • innovations to be achieved in association with related organizations and programs
  • innovations with possible elements of new commercially viable product and service offerings

Stakeholders (i.e.)

  • COO
  • FM
  • BD

Endpoints, i.e.

  • concepts for product line extensions
  • a business perhaps broader in scope

Notes (i.e.)

  • Jour Fix on Mondays 11.00 am to 12.00 am)
  • document repository available at www….


If you want to print it out, click » here .
Adjust and complete it according to your needs.

If you’re interested in setting up your own, here’s

» How to do it for yourself

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