Why Operations is unlike Administration AND What to look for instead

Did you ever feel like "Operations Just Don't Get It; They Just Don't Understand; They Don't See What I'm Trying To Tell Them" ?

...then I want to show you something.

As an opener I borrow a line from Seth Godin's newsletter that gave me a glimpse of what I didn’t get before. Here is what was said : “The Operations Manager takes the handbook and executes on it. Brilliantly. Promises, kept. Hands on, full communications, on time.”

I dare to object to it.
My career is based on 3 pillars – I am a Scientist, I am an Engineer, and I am an Operations Manager. While I love all 3 stances, I think operations holds the pool position for tackling the issues we constantly discuss.

What I realized

There is no single or definitive model of Operations. Though, everyone must find her own way. An Operations Manager with good operational skills can be referred to as a “Good Caretaker”. However, views on the characteristics vary from business to business and have a strong impact on what methods are used.

Change is constant, nothing ever stays the same

Whichever: Operations plays a large role in the opportunities & resources that will be made available to the environment. It refers to all facets of raising a business from the relationship.

Success is all about the approach

Operations Managers are facilitators that guide activities to successful outcomes. Operations is a process of promoting and supporting the emotional, social, financial, or intellectual development from a businesses “childhood” to “adulthood”.

What does that mean ?

If a Scientist develops theories and an Engineer develops “things”, then an Operations Manager develops the framework to draw the map & steer the journey. That way the idea, the theory or the product comes to life, taking a shortcut.

What you should expect from an Operations Manager ?

A great Operations Manager acts as your Service Provider and has a much larger role in deploying your theories or products than just removing roadblocks. Instead they

  • excel in interpreting different actions in different ways and thus, connecting the loose ends.
  • challenge developers as they are brilliant forecasters.
  • take responsibility & action for implementation.
  • assist developers to achieve freedom from routine & to solve difficult problems.
  • create actively the environment on which developers’ results can thrive.
  • connect each function of an organization across all facets of the business so people work seamlessly together and save tons of resources that can be spent elsewhere.
  • provide naturally good judgement capabilities and see things that “others don’t see”.

Get out of their way and let them do their job because “The Operations Manager takes care and executes. Brilliantly. Promises, kept. Hands on, on time.….”

What do You think what Operations is and what not ? Give us Your thoughts and questions by sending us an eMail. Thank you!

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